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Booking for 8/10-8/17

We have a special price for 8/10~8/17

We accept bookings for 8/10-8/17 with this website only.

The payment will be settled with credit cards in advance.

■The shown price includs tax.

The payment will be settle with credit card. We will send you an invoice. your reservation will be made when your payment is completed.

■The shown price is including tax. 

■Kids under the age of 12 can not stay.

■All toilets are shared toilets.


■We don't offer any meals.



■Reservation may be cancelled without charge up to 7 days prior to arrival.

cancellation fee:

7days in advance 50%

same day           100%


​■please fill in the reservation form down below. 

​■please refer to our calendar below to check the availability.


Japanese style Private room

accommodate up to 4 persons

This room is a modern japanese room located on 3F. You will sleep on futon mattress prepared on woven straw mat(so called "Tatami")



Female only dorm


This room is located on 2nd floor. There are 3 bunk beds.

more fancy interior than Mix dorm. good privacy with curtains.



Mixed dorm


This room is located on 2nd floor. There are 4 bunk beds with classic interior. good privacy with curtains.







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